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Core Values

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Core Values

Core Values
Customer First, Professional Development, Integrity and Responsibility,Teamwork and Progress,Self-criticism.

Customer First: By finding out client's demand, focusing on their pain spots and improving client experience, we continue to create more values for them with our innova-tive efforts.

Professional Development: We provide diverse career development opportunities for our employees, offer training to stimulate their potential and creativity, and create a contributor-valued corporate culture. We keep strengthening their value-creating capabili-ties, in order to realize win-win outcomes for the company and our employees.

Integrity and Responsibility: holding fast to uprightness and integrity, we run our business compliantly and legally and take the responsibilities for pioneering the logistics industry.

Teamwork and Progress: We conduct seamless communication and cooperation with our clients, and work together with colleagues and partners to make improvements and realize the common development of both the company and our employees.

Self-criticism: We oppose to being complacent and regarding ourselves being infalli-ble. Excuses and argument will not be acceptable, but self-reflection is appreciated. We hope that our employees can improve themselves by self-criticism, so as to contribute to the persistent progress and better development of the company.

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